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funcional importante en el proceso de comunicaci entre neuronas y entre y las c gliales. En el cerebro adulto, las estrategias de tratamiento con antidepresivos pueden no estimular la neurog sino tambi producir efectos de estimulaci similares en la gliog Recientes estudios precl han demostrado que el estr cr inhibe la proliferaci celular no s en el hipocampo sino tambi en la corteza prefrontal y
NHL jerseys que los f antidepresivos pueden contrarrestar este efecto inhibitorio (Cz et al., 2007). El significado de estas observaciones se ve fortalecido por estudios de neuroimagen in vivo realizados con pacientes que padec trastornos afectivos; dichos estudios apuntan de forma consistente a que las zonas cerebrales prefrontales juegan un papel en la fisiopatolog de la enfermedad. Los hallazgos de an post mortem de tejidos humanos corroboran en cierta medida los resultados obtenidos con los estudios de neuroimagen, dado que ponen de manifiesto que el n de c gliales de la corteza prefrontal se encuentra alterado en pacientes que

SeaChange star Kerry Armstrong charts new course in Blue Angel The Lantana and SeaChange star has spent much of the past month in Hobart preparing for her role in Big hART multimedia maritime masterpiece. Billed as a celebration of the romance, mysticism and folklore of the sea, it aims to raise awareness of the dangerous working conditions facing
Cheap jerseys china people employed in the international shipping industry. A crew of real seafarers will appear alongside some of the country best actors and musicians in Blue Angel, which combines rollicking sea shanties and heartfelt love songs with elements of theatre, video projections and installation art across two venues. so excited, doing a new work is always incredibly rewarding and challenging, Armstrong said at yesterday official launch. think audiences will learn about life and love and longing the dangers, the highs and lows of being in love, how great it can be, and that it takes courage and commitment. been working with Big hART for the past 15 years, it my priority and I love it. Blue Angel is absolutely fantastic. I know that it one of the best shows we done. hART presents Blue Angel at the Astor Hotel on Macquarie St and the old Sirens building in Victoria St from March 24 29. Tickets are $59 $47 concession for the concert only; or from $270 for the full Overnight Blue Angel Experience.

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